Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Do any of you guys watch videos on MTV anymore?

I know most of you probably haven't watched a video on MTV in years.

Does MTV even show videos anymore?

Yeah they do. I watch them every morning at 6:00. I guess 6:00am is a little too early for reality TV. Anyways, from about 6:00 until 6:30 I flip back and forth between MTV, VH1, MTV2, MTVH (the H stands for hits I think), MTVJams and I think there's another one in there too. The funny thing is while I'm flipping through the music channels in the morning I keep seeing the same videos. I don't mean I see the same videos everyday, well I mean that too, but what I mean is I see the same videos playing at the exact same time on these various music channels.
The same videos!
Sometimes one particular video stops and when I flip to the next music channel it's just starting on that channel.
These channels are all owned by the same people!
Each channel only plays about 20 - 30 videos per day and what, they ran out of videos?

Listen, the point of all of this rambling is that today I saw a video I actually liked. I saw it two times in a row in fact.

The weird thing is I think I'm posting this video not because I want to turn people onto a song that I like but because I think most of you will hate it. I think I'm the only person who likes Lily Allen (or at least I liked that single she had last year that I used to watch at six in the morning. i think it was called "Smile".) and I just assume that that it's not cool to like Common anymore either.


Barry said...

She's got a good song on Mark Ronsons new album to you should check it...

Kenny Bloggins said...

I still like Common and you have to admit dude is a kook but he's no Kanye. He may have flipped and sometimes his content and beats are a little wack but he still has a sick ass flow. All in all I think dude is solid

Bilbo Bloggins said...

mark ronson sucks. lilly allen is pretty weak, but i would have sex with her. common should stick to commercials or start selling incense.