Monday, August 11, 2008

Danzig's Bricks

Aodh and I went to Danzig's house the other day. (Pictures coming soon.) The good news is that it was easy to find. (Thanks Jim!) The bad news is that THE BRICKS ARE GONE! I did some research before and found that the bricks had been there since at least 1991. I can't believe those bricks sat there for over 17 years but were gone when I got there. Since missing the bricks I did some more research.

"And Glenn, you have brought a lot of joy into people's lives. A guy I know is a courier in LA, and he says, you know, you've made it in LA when you're like, your day has been made-- because he has been doing all these menial tasks --when you are like driving through Hollywood Hills and you see Glenn Danzig, shirtless, washing his Porsche in Hollywood Hills! It's just like... you've totally made it. And Beck has also commented on this in an interview recently, are you a big fan of Beck, Glenn?
No. (laughs)

Not NoMeansNo, or Beck either! Because this is what Beck said recently in an interview where he was interviewed driving throughtout Los Angeles, "Everything's going upscale around here," Beck says, scanning the manicured lawns and homes, "except for Glenn Danzig's house." The horror-rocker lives in a quaintly sepulchral hacienda with a large pile of bricks out front. "He's had that stack of bricks there for about eight years now," Beck says. "I think it's a statement."
Yeah. It's a statement that I ain't Beck. And I ain't "going upscale." How's that?

That's for sure! Is there a pile of bricks outside your house?
Sure is."

- from Nardwuar the Human Serviette

click here.

"In the five years I've lived in Los Feliz, there has been a large pile of bricks on the dead grass in Danzig's front lawn. The first time I saw them, I thought, ooh, a patio. But the stack stayed there, not moving, not being built into anything."
- from Biffles at the Bijou

"So I ended up not taking any pictures, but I did bang around online and I found a few images of the bricks. They will be missed. It was reassuring thing to know that no matter how crappy your day, you always could head to Los Feliz and see Danzig’s big ol’ stupid pile of bricks. But alack, no more!"
- from

click here to see a scary pile of bricks that used to be Glenn Danzig's chimney.

"At the end of my block there is a weathered, spooky old house. Every time I've walked past it, I assumed it was the last-house-standing in the neighborhood's gentrification efforts -- the Alamo of crackhouses. The lawn hasn't been mowed in an eon or two, there's a gaping hole in the roof, a rusty black fence with a thick padlock on the gate. It's the kind of place you assume bad things happen in. Surely there's a serial killer living there. Surely there are severed heads in the fridge, nestled in among boxes of Lunchables and cartons of spoiled milk."
- from

"I tried to forget about how numb with cold my fingers were as I drove around Franklin and Vermont in search for a parking spot today, tried to get overly involved in the Rock Kills Kid CD that had been playing in my car for three days straight because sometimes when you start to get caught up in a beat, the cold stops penetrating the shins. I found a spot, pulled in, shivered out of the car and looked to my right, noticing an overgrown yard with a pile of bricks off to the side of it. Dude, I'm parked right in front of Glenn Danzig's house."
- from The People's Dance Party

"A friend of mine drove me by Glenn Danzig's house in Los Angeles the last time I was there. I felt like a kid on Halloween, scared of possible hauntings or unwelcome surprises. I don't know if it was the build-up to the drive-by, the Misfit's lyrics I had going through my head, or the house itself, but I was frightened. Only later did I think how there is no other person in music who I might be scared to meet. Yet this person's name is Glenn."
-from NPR

"Also, what's the deal with that red brick wall to the left of his car? Is that a fort to protect himself against water balloons from the neighborhood kids?"
- from

"In the front there is a pile of bricks. I guess from his old chimney from the Northridge earthquake. So I guess his neighbors complained and were suing him over it. And supposidly he won, and he just left them there!"
- from Blue Bus

"I'm not dropping any bombs by mapping out the sacred crypt of Glenn Danzig, it's been a Los Angeles inside joke for a long time. I could put the street address but I'll leave it up to explorers to search it out in this general vicinity.

You'll know when you've found it either by a) the giant pile of bricks stacked in the front yard or b) faithful legions of cape wearing, devil lock sporting goth kids posing in front and hoping to catch of glimpse of the dark one hosing off his Jaguar in the driveway."

- from Platial

That's it for now but stay tuned for more on Danzig's Bricks


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thats quite extensive coverage.

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im really disappointed that you couldnt get a brick.