Thursday, July 24, 2008

Danzig Brick

This is an excerpt from an article in Spin magazine about Beck. The article was written by Chris Norris in 1999.

Even sleep-deprived, Beck is still natty with thrift-store chic: straw cowboy hat covering bushy hair, clip-on shades over gold-rimmed glasses, scraggly sideburns, ,and a thrift store shirt that says MUCHO ACAPULCO MACHO. We drive through the comfortably bohemian Los Feliz district. "Everything's going upscale around here," Beck says, scanning the manicured lawns and homes. "Except for Glenn Danzig's house." The horror-rocker lives in a quaintly sepulchral hacienda with a large pile of bricks out front. "He's had that stack of bricks there for about eight years now,” Beck says. “I think it's a statement."

This is from the Brooklyn Ski Club. It's from a post called Danzig's House.

"Recently Glenn Danzig decided to move out of his house and get a new place. Well since the move Danzig worshippers have been flocking to the (un)holy temple and picking it apart. In his front yard Danzig had some kind of brick thing built and now everyday more and more bricks go missing. There is a MySpace profile for Danzig's house, where you can see the destruction." - Feb. 17,2007

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B said...

Somebody tell Lynch-mob about this!

Anonymous said...

i heard there is a band called Danzig Brick.