Friday, February 20, 2009

Blog of the Week

What is with Fridays being busy for me? I love Frank Lloyd Wright. His Prairie House designs are the epitome of my idea home. The work of Frank Lloyd Wright gave the United States its own unique and distinct style of architecture; it is a blend of arts and crafts, mission, and craftsman architectural styles along with his own keen vision as to how a building should flow both inside and outside. If you build a house on top of the hill, you destroy the hill, if you build a house into the hill, you integrate with the landscape. This was his ideal, for the building to blend with its surroundings. His influence in architecture and design is felt to this day especially in modern design.

Prairie Mod focuses on Frank Lloyd Wright's work, its influences in Modern Design and the sustainability of the work. Prairie Mod is a great blog, but I particularly like them because they are so much more than just a blog. They have your frequent blog postings as one would expect but there are additional sections of their site dedicated to going deeper into the subjects they cover. Their Features section I particularly enjoy. In here they delve deeper into the subjects, beyond the blog posting that generally just scratches the surface. Prairie Mod frequently has the opportunity to interview today's designers, architects, and homeowners who are living out the "Prairie Mod" ideal. These interviews are posted on their Podcasts page. What is the "Prairie Mod" ideal? You can find the answer to that in the 10 Principals page; this is what makes Prairie Mod tick.

There are additional sections of the site, including the store, submissions, subscribe, freebies, links and the archive.

Go hit it up, explore the site. Tell me you didn't like it. I won't believe you, nor will I pay you any mind. I love this site.

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