Saturday, March 28, 2009

I don't usually watch any of the Late Shows but . . .
the other night on Jay Leno he had almost the perfect guest list
Paul Giamatti

Emma Roberts
(don't worry she is 18 now)
and . . .

check it out

OK so yeah I like Paul Giamatti but I'm not his biggest fan and I've never heard of Emma Roberts but Prince. Come one. Who does like Prince?! Show me the man who doesn't like Prince and I'll show you a fag.


Kenny Bloggins said...

Prince is a kook. His music is amazing but his antics as of late are making me loose a lot of respect for him. He really needs to get over himself. He better not see you put a picture of him on the blog or even mentioned his name or the regal will be shut down

Anonymous said...

did you see at the end of leno how he gave his guitar to a dude in the front row? what they didn't show was that he took it back from him afterwards.