Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Denton Tall Tales #33

One of the only good things about Denton was its proximity to the beach. We would go pretty often and it was even close enough that we could go after school and be back before dinner.

When we graduated everyone was planning on going to Ocean City for senior week. My three closest friends and I rented an apartment. We paid for the week in advance and with the rest of our money bought booze. We arrived in ocean city, dropped off our bags, and immediately boarded the party train. Beer bongs were done, keg stands were stood, and substances were abused. The following morning the manger of our apartment showed up at our door. She did not like our attitudes or our lifestyles and we would have to vacate the premises immediately. We only had our apartment for one night.
However this did not deter us. In fact I ended up staying a week and a half, a whole half week later than I had anticipated. We simply couch surfed the entire time. I had no clothes and would buy new ones whenever the ones I was currently wearing became too dirty. It was a great time. I participated in 2 more senior weeks after this one.

Highlights from that week include sitting in “The Chair of Death”, while strangers poured tequila down my throat; meeting a girl named Pringles, because “once you pop, you cant stop”; winning a blunt rolling contest while drinking Cisco and Mad Dog with a bunch of aspiring rappers; and not getting arrested once despite a strong cop presence and constantly breaking the law. Good times.


Zaphal said...

I wish I was lucky enough to not get arrested in OC. I had the pleasue of doing it twice.

You've seemed to remember all the strange Denton folk, but what about crazy mary???

Snaxxx said...

who is this crazy mary??

Blog cabins aka Ricardo Jefferson said...

I coined that motherfucking phrase. "Once you pop you cant stop"

Snaxxx said...

no way. she definitely told us that. she introduced herself as "pringles".

Blog cabins aka Ricardo Jefferson said...

not true

urn said...

I don't remember Crazy Mary but my sister does....pasted this from an email she sent me.

"she was the one that walked her dogs around town cursing everybody….and rumor has it she use to throw hammers at them…"