Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Britany Tears


Yass the Impaler said...

I thought you had no volume on the computer at work? Do you just see these youtube clips and assume they'll be good? Do you read the descriptions? Do you watch them without sound? They're not that much better with sound. Which means you either have the most boring job in the world, where you'd rather watch soundless youtube clips than work, or you've got a wildly active imagination where you think up things the onscreen person might be saying. If this is the case I want you to post the commentary that runs through your head as you watch the clips you post.

felix the great said...

i saw this shit on tv last night.

but normally i watch the videos without sound at work. sometimes if sound is required then i wait until the coast is clear and turn it up just enough so i can hear it. someone sent me a video of a retarded guy singing, and hes supposed to have an amazing voice but i didnt post it yet because i havent heard it.

im an only child, my imagination is endless.

is that a guy or a girl in that video?