Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Denton Tall Tales #29

There was an old railroad bridge that not that many people knew about. It was real old and was missing boards and was kind of sketchy. I heard people used to jump off of it and go swimming.

One day I had some shrooms, some brewskis, and some blunts and we decided to go up there and chill out for a while. We climbed up the hill and through the woods to get there and just sat dangling our feet over the edge.
Out of the woods came these three hick kids with no shoes on and dirt all over their faces. They looked like modern day Huck Finns. They walked over to us and said what’s up. They lived close by and it was obvious they had plenty of experience with the kids that hung out there. The oldest was 12 and the youngest was 10. The first thing they asked us was if we had any “pot”. I said no.
“well, we do”

The oldest kid took out a little bag of weed and proceeded to roll a little teeny joint. He told us that he stole it from his mom. I was tripping and started laughing my ass off. The oldest started smoking and he didn’t even hesitate when he passed it to the youngest. The youngest then passed it to me. I was bugging out a little bit and was hesitant, but this was obviously not his first time smoking, I was already wasted, and it wasn’t my weed….so who gives a fuck, right? Right.

They hung out the whole time we were there but they got pissed when we wouldn’t give them any beer or share our blunts with them. They told us that they were growing hydroponic weed because they had planted some seeds under water at the river bank. They were really funny.


#1 said...

sounds like beyond thunderdome.

Slingblade said...

It was more like Gummo.