Friday, September 28, 2007


There is this place in Denton called Oil City. Dont let the name fool you. Oil City consists of a bend in a road. Thats it. I guess there used to be a gas station there or something, but I never saw one there. There was like 4 houses on the bend. I used to wish I lived in Oil City so I could tell people I was from the city.

Thanks for reminding me Kyle (aka Master Feef)!!!


Zaphal said...

Not to ruin the mystery, but there used to be a gas station on each corner.

Kyle said...

oil city is on the come up. can anyone (the 0.0000001% of peeps who lived in caroline county) validate the rumor of ridgely being planned as a major city in maryland, but it didn't go down (haters). some fool was swearing on his mums saggy misquito bites on that ish.

urn said...

Actually, I heard that rumor, someone mentioned that main street was 3 times as wide as a regular street because the planned on the town blowing up an becoming the next Baltimore back when the railroad industry was booming. I can't remember how long ago that was but was probably around the turn of the 20th century (1905 I think),_Maryland

How you been Kyle? Haven't seen you in a while.