Friday, December 14, 2007

More The Wire

I finally watched The Wire. I watched season four in about three days. It would have been two but I've got a job.

Pearson was born premature to two drug-addicted and incarcerated parents and reared in an East Baltimore foster home. Hours old and about 3lbs, doctors didn't expect her to live. She was so small she was fed with an eyedropper until she grew stronger. Days went by and she continued to survive, so Snoop was made a ward of the court and reared in an East Baltimore foster home. While other 12-year-olds were in school, Snoop was learning the drug game. At 14, Snoop was sentenced to 8 years in prison for the second degree murder of Okia Toomer. She said her life turned around at 18, when a man she called Uncle Loney, a local drug dealer who looked out for her and sent her money in prison, was shot and killed. It was he who had given her the nickname "Snoop" because she reminded him of Charlie Brown’s favorite beagle Snoopy in the comic strip Peanuts. She finished school while behind bars. After earning her GED in prison, Pearson was released in 2000. She landed a local job making car bumpers, she said, but was fired two weeks later after her employer learned she had a prison record.

Tony Yayo, Snoop, and Mazaradi Fox

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