Sunday, December 23, 2007

Steady Humpin suggestions?

Here's where I stand right now, have about 5-10 spots to fill... Anything you think I'm missing?

Candy Rain (Heavy D. & Trackmaster Mix)-Soul For Real
If I'm not Your Lover (12 inch remix) (featuring Slick Rick)-Al B Sure
Ownlee Eue-Kwame
Not Gonna Be Able to Do it-Double XX Possie
I Got the Feeling (Orig 12 mix)-Today
Spend The Night-Guy
Don't Be Cruel-Bobby Brown
I Want Her-Keith Sweat
My Perogative-Bobby Brown
Now That We've Found Love-Heavy D & The Boyz
My Fantasy (Original 12 mix)-Guy
Don't Be Afraid (Original album mix)-Aaron Hall
Weve Got Our Own Thing (12 us version)-Heavy D & The Boyz
Wanna Get with U (LP version)-Guy
So You Like What You See (Orig Ext album mix)-Samuelle
Rub You the Right Way (Orig Ext Hype 12 mix)-Johnny Gill
Do Me (LP version)-BBD
Feels Good-Tony-Toni Tone

Trying to keep it to the more upbeat stuff...


Bobby B said...

let me stick it in your girlhole, by Big Rod Randy

Concerned Citizen said...

spread for me by Andre 3000
1 wanna fuck you by akon
dick in a box by timberlake
touch it or not cam'ron
darling nikki

Get with the Times Barry.

Sporadically Humpin said...

I wanna do something Freaky to you - Leon Haywood. (Not sure how upbeat it is, but its a classic)