Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Public School Tales

One of my coworkers came into my room this morning and told me a funny story.

As soon as he walked in today the councilor told him that a parent and her social worker were there to see him. He goes into an office and the parent and the social worker introduce them selves. They tell him that they are there because so and so (I"m going to keep the child's name confidential.) has been complaining about what's been going on in my coworker's room. My coworker immediately asks if they are sure that they want him. They assure him that yes, they are here to talk about what's been happening in his room. To this my coworker replied that he doesn't know so and so. "He's never been in my class." The mother, the biological mother goes, "are you sure?" My coworker calmly replied that, "I think I would know, it's April!"

The mother and the social worker. They don't even know where the kid goes to school!

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Alex said...

I want to laugh but it is so incredibly sad, i can't.