Monday, August 11, 2008

Wishing for a small penis

How many times have you wished for a smaller penis? If you are like me, probably never. If you are like Xing here, however, the wish may have crossed your mind. Why? Our boy Xing while taking a leisurely stroll through the park came upon a rather lovely park bench. Xing became so enamored with the bench, he decided to hump it. Once his bird became erect, he got stuck. Problem for Xing is with his dong in a metal hole it was easy for the blood to get in but not so easy for it to exit.

Paramedics arrived on scene after receiving his distress call. They attempted to free him by drawing blood out of his wang to reduce some pressure. With no success and his schlong going necrotic they resorted to more drastic measures. They cut the bench from the ground and took it and him to the hospital. Four hours later doctors removed Xing from his mistress and saved his penis.

(source: Weird Asia News)

1 comment:

snappy said...

in his defense, that is one sexy bench.