Friday, March 13, 2009

Blog of the Week

Blogs can come about in the most random ways and their purpose on the interwebs, aside from the obvious "web logging", are as varied as the number of blogs. Some websites are pretty clearly defined. Autoblog for example is obviously about automobiles and the auto industry. Some are very loosely defined. Neatorama is a blog about neat stuff, neat is about as subjective as it comes. Other sites... well them seem to have a direction but don't exactly follow it. Ohh... and their name initially makes no sense.

Telstar Logistics is an employee blog for the Telstar Logistics company. The funny thing is, there is no Telstar Logistics company. The name and faux company originally came about as a scam for parking illegally in loading zones. The nerdy answer is that it's an ongoing experiment in corporate phenomenology, urban camouflage, and brand development. Don't understand? Go here to get the full answer and then come back wishing you had thought of it first.

As for the employee blog, the focus of the blog seems to vaguely hit on and around the basic theme of land, air, sea, space and the culture they have created. The site is not updated as often as many of the other blogs i have featured, but it holds a distinction of offering up truly unique posts not found on other blogs. This is not so much because the posts are no good, but more because Todd Lapin, the sites founder, does much of his own leg work. It is a highly entertaining blog for those of us interested in the culture that has been created around our fascination with the motorized machines of locomotion. The blog isn't always on subject, but rest assured that when they do leave the mark, they still entertain. Importantly, the photography on the site is excellent. The other subject that gets page time is randoms of San Francisco. I kinda wana check the town out now.

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