Monday, March 30, 2009

Blog of the Week

Spring is here and along with the cook-outs, motorcycle rides, and short skirts come another enjoyable past-time. America's past-time in fact; baseball. The WFC Philadelphia Phillies are looking to repeat last year's success and their fans will be there to shit on them when they are failing, and cheer them on like no other group of fans when they are succeeding.

The Fightins represents all that makes the Phillies fan a Phillies fan. The insults cut like a master's samurai sword, the praise elevates those it is laid on to an almost mythical status and the love for the big green thing known as the Phanitic is endless. The Fightins' bloggers cover anything and everything Phillies. From Ryan Howard's batting stance to that random old lady with a Phillies cap over her sun hat. At all times the posts are entertaining and clearly written from people who live and love the Phillies.

Admittedly, i have only jumped on the Phillies band wagon in the past few years following in Kira's enthusiasm for the team, but i'm hooked at this point and my old wagon pulled by the Philadelphia Eagles hasn't taken me on too many happy trails lately.

Get excited for the 2009 season. Go pick yourself up some tickets, with the economy in the crapper its nice to know that baseball is still there to offer you three hours of entertainment for as little as $16.00.

I'll let everyone go after a quick interview with Shane Victorino and Jimmy Rollins.

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