Monday, April 13, 2009

Blog of the Week

Just the other day, Kira and I were talking about how we have to go camping soon. Later that day I find an e-mail in my inbox from Liam suggesting we get a camping trip together. It’s time to go camping, friends. And, yeah, there are blogs out there for camping too.

Camping Blogger is a great resource for finding answers to your camping questions. The site is relatively new to the internets but there is new content posted regularly. The site focuses on the casual camper and doesn't get into the treks and equipment that look good in the glossy magazine but are unrealistic for those of us who work a full time job and have expenses outside camping in the Ural mountains or the Patagonian Desert.

You will find reviews of practical items like cast iron cookware, comparative lists of popular camping items like tents, coffee pots and the like. Tips on everything from what food to pack and how to start a fire to how to repel bugs and pick out a great camping site.

Click through a few pages and the itch for a camping venture. I am shooting for getting out into the great outdoors sometime in late April/early May.

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