Monday, August 24, 2009

Cory Robinson Interview

Andrew P. Warcraft: A'ight dude, tell us your name and some stats.

Cory Robinson
Age: 30
Occupation: display artist part time lurker oh! And sometimes I have art shows. Are you gonna ask more questions or should I keep telling you stats.

APW: No, no, no. I wanted to ask you, how did you end up in Philly?

CR: Love park!! To bad the day I moved they shut it down. But as of recent you can get a hour before the cops come then you gotta run.

Downtown Jeffery Brown

APW: So did you plan on going to art school or did that happen later?

CR: I went to school at Central Connecticut State University. I then decided that I had to get out of CT so I moved to Tampa Florida. I lived there from 1999 till 2002 and that's when I started painting. I moved back to CT and started going back to CCSU. I became a painting minor and my painting teacher almost failed me because I didn't use conventional canvas set ups or color palettes. The first couple of paintings I sold I would photo copy the check and mail them to her. I thought that I was sticking it to her but now that I think back...... that was just ridiculous.

Tiny Teddy

APW: So have you always painted on windows? Why windows?

CR: No I tried a lot of things but windows is what works. If I was doodling on canvas in the same form people would probably be like "eh whatever". I did a bunch of abstract paintings I guess you would call it that that I am into as well. Like canvas transfers and stuff. Very mixed mediums... the windows present themselves you know. It makes it smooth.

APW: What about your characters? Have they always been kinda the same? If not how have they changed over time?

CR: My characters have developed over time. I have always been a doodiler. It kinda crept up and developed what it is now. I think I started drawing a lot when I was real little my parents still have some of my original drawings. I told my girlfriend that most of the time when I am spacing out that I am thinking of animals playing or doing funny things. A lot of thoughts about kittys.


APW: So you're constantly coming up with ideas? Do you paint them as you come up with them or do you wait until you have a show and then crank them out?

CR: Crank em out!!!! I just got done painting 50! I definetly jot em down when I come up with them or text the idea to myself.

APW: Yeah, I guess when you have a show every month you have to crank them out. What was your first, not "I made it" moment but "this is awesome" art moment? I remember overhearing strangers saying that they saw one of my pictures on a telephone pole and they liked it so much that they took it home and hung it up. That was my moment. Do you have a story like that?

CR: That my friend said that she saw one of my paintings in their boss's house. Or that a woman emailed without having gotten a business card and still managed to track me down. It was pretty awesome. Or when sold out of a show in one week. It was rad.


APW: So, you have a ridiculous amount of shows, you've sold, what hundreds? of paintings, you're practically an honorary Way Kool Dude. What's next? What is your goal or goals for your art?

CR: My goals I guess are to write a childrens book and make a million like madonna only not about some lame kabalah shit. I have baby clothes in some boutiques around Philly and also have been making children's puzzles with the help of my dad. As long as people want me I will keeep showing and like Quack says oversaturating the market.

APW: Awesome. Do you have any last words, or shout outs, or trick tips?

CR: The beagle, Jenny Jean, 1222 , Brown Jeff, All the people who have believed and supported through the years. I don't have to name you know who you are. Philly for treating me well. Mom and Dad. Stand duck foot when you do nollie frontside fullcabs.

Flamingo Moccasins

Cory has a show on Saturday at the Danger Danger Galley in West Philly.


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