Monday, November 16, 2009

GnR is a Band Full of Jerks!

Well, everyone knows Axl Rose is a First Class Jerk, but now his former bandmate has attempted to take the title from him. Slash decided to redo "Paradise City", which didn't need any redoing, and enlisted the help of some shitheads named Cypress Hill and Fergie (Wack Eyed Peas). Cypress Hill would have been great if they stopped making music after their first album, which is pretty solid. Fergie, where do i begin with Fergie. I didn't think Fergie could do anything worse than making a solo album, but now she has moved on to ruining other peoples music, which is much worse than making her own shitty music. ENJOY!


Snaxxx said...

i got to the 14 second mark. i want those 14 seconds back.

Alex said...

WTF? Slash has become shit head of the year. This is awful... really awful.