Monday, April 20, 2009

Blog of the Week

You are all no doubt by now avid followers of autoblog thanks to me directing your attention that way. No? Ohh... well that in that case this weeks post is probably going to excite you even less. But the point of Blog of the Week is simply a year long answer to Barry's question "what sites do you visit". This is another site I visit and enjoy.

Asphalt & Rubber is the autoblog for the motorcycle world. Sort of. Asphalt & Rubber is still in its infancy, only being begun in October 2008. Hell, Regal Beagles is an older blog. But they came out with a clean format long missing from the motorcycle blog world. There are others that have more content, more postings, larger sites but none of them are very user friendly or as comprehensive in their reporting. In this day in age when our attention span is shorter than that of a house fly, it helps to have a clean format that is easy to read.

Not enough of you have a motorcycle, you should all get one. They are awesome. All of them, even Harley Davidson.

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