Wednesday, June 30, 2010

60 days

"My god people. This was a short lived experiment wasn't it? We went from 7 to 6 to 4 to 4 to 1 posts and now were barely making 3? I don't really count the link to Jason's other blog. By the way, two blogs? I mean if you count this one, I've at one point or another been a pen man for 4 blogs, but still I wasn't linking back and forth between them. And the post that wasn't about the moustaches, which was essentially a link to Jason's Picassa page, which I'd already seen was a half assed attempt to talk about someone that everyone already knew, or if like me, didn't know, didn't care. Well about a week in we've already scrapped the bottom of the barrel. And you know who I blame for this? Barry.

He left. He had a going away party. I couldn't make it because I awoke at 5 a.m. to watch the Eagles in their spring training camp. After camp I went for a round of 18 holes with my close personal friend the Balz Man. I was tuckered, I couldn't make it to the shin dig for the Aquarius.

But you know what I did first thing in the morning? I checked the blog. "Oh certainly, they're will be a thrilling re-cap, perhaps a photo or two," I thought to myself. But what did I get? Nothing. Not a god damned thing. I hate all of you. I called Snacks and asked how it was. He took on Barry's personality since Barry was leaving I guess and said, "You know, it was cool, what ever, we just sat around." Blehh. Barry gave you people nothing to write or post.

Well what about you tube? Nothing there. How about your lives? Nothing. August is killing us. The you tubers aren't posting things quickly enough, so we have to invent our own form of entertainment.

Here's my post, and I hope it saves the blog.

I leave my job at the end of the week. They've hired my replacement. She's a 17 year old who sits across from me as I read or watch movies. Unfortunately, I occasionally hear her talking. Another temporary employee who loves Lil Wayne brought in the 10th anniversary issue of XXL magazine. In this issue they had the 10 best eye candies of the magazines storied history. I perused those ladies. Later in the afternoon, the new me, my replacement asked me if I had jungle fever.

Then she was asked the next day by the Weezy fan if there was any race she wouldn't date. After a thoughtful pause she replied, "Arab." Why them? "Well, I would want to get bombed," another thoughtful pause, then, "plus I don't want my children to smell like wet dog or nothing."

It's crazy that they managed to replace me with some that thinks the exact same way as I do."
- Jay 8/14/2007

I'm putting the Beagle on probation for the next 60 days. If at the end of that time we're still only posting about once per week than it's probably time to put the Beagle to sleep.

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