Monday, July 14, 2008


ARTSCAPE is this weekend in Baltimore. It is a really awesome block party that celebrates the arts, located in Baltimores Mount Vernon gayborhood. They always have tons of people and art and funnel cakes and shit, but they also have lots of good bands. Here are a few people that are performing this year:

The Oranges Band
Kidz in the Hall
South Rakkas Crew
Roberta Flack
Joan Jett
Dave Nada
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
DJ Stretch Armstrong
DJ K-Swift & Scottie B
Dru Hill ft. Sisqo
The Wailers

and last but not least

The Clipse

This year looks pretty amazing and i think i might try and go down for at least one night.
did i mention that this is all free?! and there is a really cool bar in the heart of the block party, that sells natty bohs for $1.50, and you can go there and chug beers and then walk to the stage and hear a band and then when they are done you go back to the bar and chug another boh. repeat several times. its fun.

if anyone is interested in going, let me know!


jason said...
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jason said...

I'm in. I want to see Daniel Higgs. He's performing at the University of Baltimore Student Center Theater. This is how artscape described him, "Experimental rock shamanist ".