Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Daily Show

I was eating lunch at my usual bench when this film crew rolled up. They were blocking my sun and distracting me from my crossword puzzle, so I gave them the stink eye.
I was trying to ignore them, but one mans voice inparticular kept grabbing my attention. "I know that voice". When said man turned around I was slightly agasp.
"Mo Rocca"?!

Yes, that Mo Rocca, the one from The Daily Show was harshing my mellow. I let him slide cause im kind of a fan. They filmed a little segment right in front of me, so make sure you watch tonight and look for me eating an apple and doing a crossword puzzle on the bench. im sure it will be on the air for 2 seconds tops.

for the record, dude has a little sugar in his tank.

He's not on the daily show anymore. Its a show about animals or some shit.


Anonymous said...

I don't think he's on The Daily Show anymore, I'm pretty sure he's on some show about animals or some shit...

snarf snarf said...

Ahhhh....that would make sense. he was interviewing one of the doctors at the Vet school.