Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Endless Vacation: The Missing Links

Fun in the sun

Mikey T hard at work

Obey shopping spree

Damn Amy!

Prints by Jesse Goldstein & Rebekah Maysles

"Can you handle it?" AJW

Rock stars put socks on too

The writing of the set list

After the show we went to speak easy where I almost fell asleep

Next Day. All Day Rager

Roof Top Rage
Short shorts and tall orders. L.A. wasn't ready

a unicorn!

Choice furnishings

BBQ Rage

Rave Rage...
where I did fall asleep.

Pilgrimage to the Eames House

Simple Pleasures

Driving to SF

Ice Cream in the park at twilight. How romantic

The standard issue tourist photos

Back in L.A. at a car museum. Details.

Sweet old bike

One last party

And a so brave drive home.

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Snaxxx said...

this looks like an epic vacation. great pictures!