Monday, August 18, 2008

Endless Vacation: Part 2 (Friday and Saturday)

Now for the biggest disappointment of my trip. THE BRICKS ARE GONE!

Danzig's house.

Note the hole in the roof.

That's where they used to be.

Burrito from the farmers market.

I went to see Dr. Dog at the El Rey on Friday.

Not Dr. Dog.

Question, what is the vest version of pants?

Answer, a vest.

Dr. Dog spent 2,000 on plants for the show.

The roof of the Standard was the most Hollywood party I've ever been to. And, it's not very Hollywood at all.

What's so interesting that Aodh felt the need to capture it forever with a picture?

Was it Barry sitting next to this random girl?

Or, was it when Barry totally picked her up?



I don't know who this guy was but he was hilarious.

Same shirt club.


Live screenprinting.

Aodh's about to go to sleep at the late night.

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Dr. Dre said...

That's a good pic in front of Danzigs crib...