Monday, August 4, 2008

Go for the Gusto!

Get excited my friends. Your days of swilling that piss you call Lion's Head are coming to an end. That mouthwash you call Natty Boh? About to get a shiner on that one eye of his. PBR? Fuck that shit. The archetype of working-class beers is making its triumphant return after decades in dormancy. The beer that made Milwaukee famous, the beer with just the kiss of the hops. Yes, I speak of SCHLITZ!

Schlitz, the beer with the old-time mystique, is back on shelves in bottles of its original formula in this city (Milwaukee) where it was first brewed more than a century and a half ago by a German immigrant.

Schlitz was the top-selling beer for much of the first half of the 20th century. But recipe changes and a series of snafus made the beer - in many a drinkers' opinion - undrinkable, turning what was once the world's most popular brew into little more than a joke.

But after decades of dormancy, the beer is back.

Schlitz' owner, Pabst Brewing Co., is recreating the old formula, using notes and interviews with old brew masters to concoct the pilsner again. The maker hopes baby boomers will reach for the drink of their youth, otherwise known as "The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous." They also want to create a following among younger drinkers who want to know what grandma and grandpa drank.

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Kenny Bloggins said...

You've all been tricked. They are all the same been in a different can! All the budget beers fall under the Pabst Brewing umbrella peep the link

Anonymous said...

but will they have puzzles under the caps....?