Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Snacks Hates Michael Phelps

I was reading ESPN, the website, when I saw this:

Phelps and Bowman plan to return to Ann Arbor, Mich., to collect the last of their belongings and be honored during Michigan's home football game against Wisconsin on Sept. 27.

Then they'll complete their moves back to Baltimore. Phelps will reside in a downtown condo, while Bowman builds a new home. They'll resume training at North Baltimore Aquatic Club, where the duo first crossed paths when Phelps was a hyperactive 11-year-old.

Phelps plans to attend the Super Bowl in Tampa, Fla., in late January.

"Hopefully the Ravens are there," he said of his hometown NFL team.

Michael Phelps is from B-More? What the fuck Snacks? Why are you not hyping this local boy made internationally good?


Not Snacks said...

That guy is a goober...

snacks said...

ultimate goober. no one ever talks about his DUI a couple years ago in baltimore.

true story:

the place where Phelps eats those incredible breakfasts, that every news outlet loves to rave about, was walking distance from my old house. i would catch the bus right out front, and it was in a not-so-fancy neighborhood. one day some teens asked me for a cig. i politely informed them that i was not a smoker and therefore could not supply them with a ciggarette. I turned around to continue waiting for the bus, when they both punched me right in the face, and broke my glasses.

I blame it on michael phelps.

nails said...

that fool got a DUI at Salisbury after a late nite party with my dear friend.