Monday, February 16, 2009

Still Shredding, After All These Years, Still Shreddin...

My quasi-insane list of what I've done on a skateboard in the past and what I hope to be able to do once again.

The Comeback List Of Tricks

For about a month, I’ve been skateboarding once a week for between 15 minutes and an hour. It’s my comeback. I think this happens to all former skate rats right around this age.

I’m pleased and impressed with what I can still do. In order to keep myself inspired, I’m going to assemble a list of what I was once able to do and I what I can still do today, as well as manuevers I might be able to pull if I apply myself.

I feel like I’m forgetting tricks, if I remember, I’ll update this list.

Both Feet On, Over Bolts, Totally Solid, Then and Now:

  • Ollie, switch, regs
  • Kickflip
  • Pop Shove It-Frontside, Backside, both switch and regular
  • Half cabs-every which way
  • 180s-frontside, backside, switch and regular
  • Crooked grind to fakie
  • Noseslide- backside
  • Big Spin - fakie
  • 50-50 - on a smallish ledge
  • Front tail - small ledge
  • I’m thinking I could do front and back boardslides, but I don’t have a flat bar to test this theory

If I Apply Myself, Probably, Though Watch For Toe Drag

  • Backside Flip
  • Half cab flip backside
  • Frontside Noseslide
  • Switch Heelflip
  • Big spin, regular and nollie
  • Nollie Tailside
  • Switch noseslide both back and front
  • Lipslide
  • Full cab, both nollie and regular

I Did Em Once, I could Probably Do Em Again:

  • Nollie backside heelflip
  • Switch heelflip
  • Switch crooked grind
  • Frontside crooked grind
  • Nollie heelflip
  • Front board shove it

I Was Never Particularly Good At These, So I’m Not Holding My Breath:

  • 360 Flip
  • Frontside crooked grind
  • Fakie 360 flip
  • Nollie backside kick and heel flip
  • Fakie frontside kickflip
  • Nollie and switch flip


Anonymous said...

That looks like a sponsor me list of tricks. Are you the next Man-Am?

felix said...

thats awesome. i wish you the best of luck on your endeavors.
skate or die.