Friday, April 10, 2009

I just flew in from San Francisco

and boy are my arms tired! HA!

But anyways for anyone who didn't know I was in Sf from Monday till Thursday. It was a great trip. I hung out with Freshman and Melissa.

The first day I got there at about noon. Melissa and I went out for brunch and then went to work. I headed to the Mission to drink at Dolores Park. Dolores Park is pretty much just a huge grass hill. The day I was there it was 70 and sunny. I had myself some Samuel Smiths and people watched and read.

Met up with Freshman and went to this outdoor biker bar.
And that was pretty much my routine for the three days.
Melissa and I would go out to eat.
I would go out and explore the city.
Freshman would show up and we'd drink.
Day 2: I went to Valencia Street in the Mission.
I bought some records.
Prince crashed on the couch here once and painted the whole place purple.
This was at Shoe Biz. Guy totally ripped off Cory. (in a pretty lame way)
This is Dave Edggers high school tutoring center. Also it's the home of the pirate store.
Went to this little shoppe.

This mural was painted by sixth graders. The people are all people from their community that they interviewed.
Day 3: I walked to the Lower Haight and Upper Haight.
Got my lines tightened up.

Then Freshman got a hold of the camera.

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