Friday, April 10, 2009

.....a typical outfit for me in '91

"I used to wear jeans where my naked knees touched" - Andrew P. Warcraft

We just watched the documentary on Steve Rocco, and Jeremy Klein credits Rocco with inventing baggy jeans. Well, we all had them, some were bigger than others, but I STILL HAVE the ones that started it all, OG BLIND jeans. I don't remember buying them, but since we all wore everything huge back then, we could all wear each others clothes. Jason's quote above explains it all, kids were wearing pants so big the crotch was below their knees!

I don't have any 2XL tees at my house, but this is a typical outfit I would have worn in '91. BLIND jeans, striped shirt, and Sal23's. ENJOY!


Anonymous said...

Bestest skateshoes ever. You Rican!

Snaxxx said...

you look four feet tall.