Saturday, December 26, 2009


This every book I finished in 2009. (excluding books for school and kids books)

Worst Burn Collector ever.
This guy is great. The premise of this book is that nobody in this one country can die.

This book was written by high school students.
Premise: The majority of voters turn out and cast blank ballets.
Classic. If you haven't read this, read it now. She was 16 when she wrote this. And she was a girl.

Exactly what it sounds like.

One of Chuckie P's best.
I didn't read this book until a few years ago. Again, if you didn't read this as a kid, read it now.

Another book by kids. There are some powerful stories in here. Listen to the kids.

The story of my life.

I really liked this. This is the dude they were talking about in Freakenomics in the chapter about why do drug dealers live with their mothers.

One of the best Burn Collectors ever.

Don't let the movie turn you off.

Jimmy to Jason: "This is what our band sounds like."

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