Monday, December 14, 2009

X-mas with the Possie

I got caught sleeping last night. I went down to Santa Anna for the Obey Clothing Holiday party. Unfortunately I did not take my camera(Serious blunder!).
Here's a little taste via the iphone of what went down:

The fella in the pink jacket, white turtle-neck, gold necklace and bad mustache is your friend and mine, the host with the most, Lester "Bic Mac" Macadooo.

I know it's a little tough to make out what's actually going on here but yes that is a "money booth". The crowd was going wild.

On the music/sound effects was the asian sensation "Poo Pow"! This guy had the fu man chu stache, big teeth and glasses look down cold. He kept "Big Mac's" show rolling with the sweetest 70's era game show music and accentuated Lester's one liners with an arsenal of sound effects aimed squarely at your funny bone. He had the air horn on blast all night long.

Good times all around. Also got to catch up with east-siiiiiiiiide rep Nick, Shep of course and we welcomed Stella back from a month long stint in Brooklynn. I'll direct you guys to actual photos as they surface.

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