Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Aodh's Big Adventure

I spent the past few days driving across the country, in route to San Fran (I'm in LA at the moment). Because of the Alberta Clipper that was blowing through most of the Northern states I decided to take a, not so direct, Southern route ( I-81 south through the VA to Tennessee then I-40 west all the way to Cali.) It was a hell of a journey. Most days I drove for about 12 hrs, most of the time through desert. Turns out there's a lot of desert down south, from Oklahoma all the way to LA. I made a few stops during my travels: Nashville (early on a Sunday, it was a ghost town) Memphis and Graceland ( Graceland was cool, The King had horrible taste but he owned it/ Memphis is a beat city and depressing as hell, but I had a good lunch at the Arcade Diner in historic downtown) Albuquerque, NM (nothing much going on here) The Petrified Forest National Park/The Painted Desert in AZ (This place is AWESOME!)

Here are some photos

VA day 1

God lives in south, and loves the south more than the rest of the world.

Tennessee Day 2

Downtown Nashville

The Grand Ole Opry


Elvis kept it classy

The fabric on the sofas compliment this room very well.

This shooting target was set-up about 5 ft inside the door of a smoke house. Elvis would stand outside in his backyard and shoot into the building. He was awesome.

Like I said, he was awesome.


Day 3
Still in Oklahoma

Texas. The biggest thing there was my desire to get the hell out of Texas.

New Mexico

Day 4

Holbrook, AZ



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