Tuesday, September 4, 2007

John Freeborn's curating a show this Friday

and I couldn't figure out how to copy the info and post it here. So, here's a link.

The show is at the Painted Bride Art Center and it features works by Isaac Lin, Becky Suss, Matt Curtius, Gina Triplett, Kris Chau, Ryan Wallace, Jospeh Hart, Jordin Isip, and Caroline Hwang. So on Friday the seventh (that's this Friday) come out between five and seven to support John. Come out because Isaac is a rad dude (I'm gonna go just to take a picture of his hair cut), come out because Becky's real nice (she's cute too), or just come out for the free booze (I assume there will be some free booze but what do I know).

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