Monday, August 18, 2008

BlowOut Sale!!!

Everything Must Go!!!!

I made some stuff for the Urban Outfitters Window in West Philly and I need to take it down soon. That means I pass the savings on to you! Bottom Basement Prices!!! All reasonable trades considered!!!
Buy Now!!!!

If you haven't checked it out yet, its only up until August 30th. If you want to buy something just let me know, or go to the register in Urban.


Mikey PEMDAS said...

Yo, Snacks, I want to potentially buy an animal head. what kind of prices are we talking?

Aquarius said...

I'll give you a nickel bag for the boars head :D

snaq said...

the most expensive thing is a fish, and its $100. the boar is $65, the bugs are $25, and the snake is like $25, the rug is 30 but thats because thats how much the fabric cost me. im not quite sure what has sold yet because they keep track of that at the register. if you want one in particular let me know and if its not sold ill save it for you.

i sold the butterflies for a quarter. ill give you that shitty albino badger for a nickel bag.