Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Endless Vacation: Part 3

Barry bought a new limited edition GTI and immediately customized it.


Check it out Snacks

Good chain restaurant burrito. They had a salsa bar.

We went to the Phillies game on Monday.

On Tuesday Aodh and I said goodbye to Barry and left for SF.

Click play for the official sound of out SF trip.

It's a long drive.


This is what I woke up to in SF.

I bought a construction company.

You can see Aodh's rental car in this pic.

I went to this lake.

GPS make you so brave. This is my new slogan for the iPhone, "Imagine how brave you'd be with an iPhone." Steve Jobs pay up!

We crashed at Jonh Cross's house in San Mateo. Thanks John!

I left Barry's house at 7:30am on Friday morning to come home. I got to Dahlak at 12:30am. Do the math. Everyone in CA, see you next year!

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