Saturday, August 16, 2008

Endless Vacation

Endless vacation,

Endless vacation,

Endless vacation,

Endless vacation,
I kill myself I kill the pain
A suicide death a suicide game
My skull he's bleaching in the dust
My rage turns to insane lust

Endless vacation,

Endless vacation,

Endless vacation,

Endless vacation,
All depressed all alone
I drift into the danger zone
Deadly spitten cobra life of crime
I want revenge I want what's mine

Did any of you even get that reference?

So, I just got home from a two and a half week vacation in California. I spent time in San Francisco and Los Angeles. I flew to SF on Tuesday the 29th and I planned on flying home from LA with Freeborn that Sunday morning. Instead I just got home last night around midnight. Here's an (almost) unedited photo essay of my trip.

Melissa and I in Dolores park in the Mission area of SF.

This was a great place to lay around all day and drink beer.

I flew down to LA on Thursday night. Barry and Pubes picked me up from the bus station and took me to Dance Right at La Cita. I crashed at Pubes's place and this is what I woke up to.

I stayed here the whole time I was in LA. Thanks again Steve!

Barry at the Medusa Lounge. He's about to get faded.

Barry talking to some young ladies.

Wes showed up.

I told you Barry was about to get faded. This is at the drive through at a Jack in the Box. I didn't get a picture but Pubes put his naked foot in Barry's face.

BBQ. Not as big as Griladelphia but . . . the view. Fucking beautiful!

Double gas tanks, Liam.

This is the day after. It was like 3:00. Barry was faded!

See what I'm talking about with the view?

Beautiful right?

Barry eating the first ever carne asada cheese steak. Also know as the T Steak.

The chick driving this car was without Avi.

Sick hand.

Barry's fridge.

Huntington Beach. Nah, Barry and Aodh don't stick out.

Stopped in to see Mikey but he was busy.

I wanted to buy this hat but was denied.

Romeo just bought a new house.

A week later back at La Cita.

Barry and Aluna.

Went to see John Freeborn's Big Kids Little Kids show at Shep's gallery.

I think we found the gallery.
Actually we went in the wrong place first.
Then we found it.

Shepard Fairy

John Freeborn

(Andrew what's this guy's name?)

The Philly fellas. Thom Lessner and Ben Woodward.

Amy Freeborn. (I know her name isn't Freeborn but I don't know what her name is.)

Issac Lin

More Ben

Do I even have to tell you who did this print?

This guy is famous

to be continued . . .

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