Saturday, August 16, 2008

Men are supposed to like Dr. Dog

This months GQ says that Dr. Dog is what everyone should be talking about.

"Dr. Dog's Fate sound a lot like White Album - era Beatles. But chillax, music snobs. That's why we love them. The Philly-based goofballs-they call themselves Dr. Dog!- are so skilled at producing worn-in, bluesy psych rock that you'll find yourself embracing the similarities, especially on tracks like "The Old Days" and "The Rabbit, the Bat, and the Reindeer."
- Mickey Rapkin and Kevin Sintumuang

And, this months Details gave Fate 4 out of 5 little retangles.

"These Philadelphia pop experimentalists have been using a Beatles-based formula for a while, but now they've mixed in enough rustic indie weirdness (like the Pavement-esque guitar and lo-fi vocals on "Hang On" and "The Old Days") to get them past the Abbey Road Comparisons."

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